Address: 59 Bentley Ave. Greenville, Pa. 16125                                                        Phone:724-588-1855                                                                                 

Larry grew up in wildlife-rich Northwestern Pennsylvania, where his on-going love of the outdoors underlies and motivates his work. His interest in capturing wildlife images on canvas and sketch pads had its beginning during his preteen years. He later refined his talent at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

A frequent exhibitor at wildlife shows, Larry is also a contributing artist to Ducks Unlimited, Waterfowl USA, National Wild Turkey Federation, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited, and other similar organizations.

Larry states, "I enjoy specializing in North American wildlife scenes and have released over 50 limited edition prints from my original paintings and sketches. Valued by outdoorsmen and collectors, these prints are part of both public and private collections in North America. It is my pleasure to consistently translate my outdoor experiences into collectible art for all to appreciate."

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