While visiting in the Greenville area, please visit Cianci Motor Lodge and restaurant. Cianci's are known for their fine dining and newly remodeled motel at affordable prices. The motel and restaurant are own by two local brothers Mark and Cam Cianci. www.ciancismotel.com

2/21/07 I have been requested by visitors to my site to add my studio phone number for those of you who would like to talk to me in person. I am in my studio 9-4 Monday-Friday and on and off thru out the day otherwise. My studio number is 724-588-1855.
Hope to hear from you.

This year has been a very exciting year for me. I have recently been selected to join the staff of Wild Wings. Wild Wings as many of you know has been purchased by Cabela's. Wild Wings is the publisher of artists such as Terry Redlin, David Maass, Micheal Sieves, and many world renouned artists. This new venture with myself and Wild Wings will surely launch my career to new heights. With this said, some of my new pieces that have been picked up by Wild Wings will be licensed. Soon my art will possibly be appearing on gift items.

Also with this new news, I have updated my Gallery Section of my website by adding several new prints such as, "My Favorite Hat", "Shell Shock", and a few others that have not been sent to print.

Also a new Work in Progress painting has been added. The new painting has yet been titled, but is the largest Painting I have yet to take on.

I hope you enjoy your visit at my website.

Thank you, Larry


Welcome to my web site. The goal in my paintings is to take you into my world, where we as sportsmen have all visited . The memories of that bull elk calling, that flock of geese circling, the trophy buck grunting, or that boss turkey gobbling over the hillside. Now you are in my world, I hope my paintings remind you of some of your favorite outdoor experiences. Enjoy! Larry


16" x 10"
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